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What it’s all about…


Decoding Government

Breaking down the workings of our government, zooming into the nitty gritty and taking flight for the 30,000-foot view. Imagine a little civics class for grownups, with the occasional F-bomb and cheesy dad joke.


Cutting through the noise

We’re two years into a criminal administration, but we’re 40 years into a right-wing revolution that has destroyed the middle class, left working families in debt and poverty, and crushed the prospects of younger generations. All too many people - journalists, commentators, and fellow Democrats included - take this distorted reality for granted. It’s time to stop arguing the issues on the right’s terms and call things like they are.


Putting it all in context

We don’t live in normal times. If we don’t consider the hectic day-to-day in the context of our county’s founding, the experiences of our allies, and our own recent history, then we might as well be adrift at sea. That’s why we consider history, the economy, the wider world and, our own real lives in the era of crazy.